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About Us

About Us

Bišu lietas is a division of the family company SIA Lauku apgāds un meliorācija in the heart of Vidzeme one of the most Lately small towns in Smiltene.

Over a decade, we have developed and improved the idea to bring together beekeepers from Smiltens and surrounding counties, but invite all Latvian and Baltic developers to cooperate.

By purposefully and professionally developing the business, we have become the official dealer in Latvia of lyson (Poland), the leading beekeeping equipment manufacturing firm IN Europe. As a result of this collaboration, we offer a wide range of beekeeping equipment to select customers.

The diversity and quality of the production facilities offered BY LYSON enable beekeepers to carry out European projects, raise financial resources and make a serious contribution to their national economies through the development of greenery.

We are characterised by reliability, individual approach to each customer and professionalism. The product range is updated regularly, we are open to suggestions from each customer.

Our motto: Bee things - and honey by the place!