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A device that allows quick and simple measurement of soil pH value, humidity and insolation! It is indispensable in plant cultivation and lawn growing!​Indispensable in the garden - a multifunctional soil tester is an indispensable instrument in cultivation of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and l..
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​Indispensable in winemaking - thanks to this device you will easily measure the alcohol content in homemade wine.For white wine - this vinometer is suitable only for measuring alcohol content in dry white wine, in which all of the sugar was fermented away.High quality - both the cont..
Ex Tax:3.50€
The beauty of little things – the bottles with capacity of 240 ml filled with homemade drink or juice will be a perfect original gift for friends and family.​Tightness above all else – all the bottles in the set are closed with a cone-shaped natural cork.High quality glass – each bott..
Ex Tax:7.15€
A 250 ml bottle with hermetic closure is a larger and slightly different version of a popular pocket flask. Thanks to its shape, the drink contained within it will look even better, and every liquor cabinet holding it will gain a timeless appearance...
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Perfect for vodkas, liqueurs, and juices – the “Pryncypalna” 500 mL bottle is a perfect way of storing your homemade liquors and juices that can be added to tea during wintertime, for example!A high quality – the bottle is made of thick high quality glass, which guarantees that any homemad..
Ex Tax:11.77€
High quality – the high-grade glass of which the flask is made makes the liquor stored in it look exquisite and it is robust enough to let you enjoy it for a long time.Elegant form – the uncommon shape of this 500 mL hip flask makes it stand out among other bottles and look good both in a ..
Ex Tax:9.00€
​High quality - the high quality, clear and transparent premium glass presents the colourful content in an elegant manner.Universal shape - the original line of the bottle is excellent at underlining the appearance and texture of infusion liqueurs, wines, syrups and fruit juices.Perfect fo..
Ex Tax:11.18€
liqueurs and delicious juices! This set of 4 bottles in the classic ‘monopoly’ style, enlarged to 700 ml, is a perfect way for storing your favourite specialties safely. Thanks to the versatility of the bottles, you will not only be able to store your favourite strong liquor in them, but also delici..
Ex Tax:4.09€
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